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5 ways to recover from a workout with a foam roller

1. Improved flexibility - Foam rollers are used to increase soft tissue flexibility and reduce tightness associated with exercise or injury.

2. Improved circulation - When massaged, the foam roller naturally improves the circulation of blood through the arteries, veins, and capillaries of your body allowing better blood flow.

3. Stress reduction - Relieves hard to reach knots and tension points in your back, legs, and elsewhere to release your stress level.

4. Reduced soreness - The foam roller aids in the recovery of muscle tenderness and reduces the pain associated with exercise or injury.

5. Prevent injury - A foam roller is a tool used to limit soreness and tightness of the muscle through increased blood flow and flexibility to prevent injuries.

How to use a foam roller properly

The foam roller is used all around the world by athletes, people workingout, after pregnancies, and after injuries to bring their bodies back into shape. Foam rollers actually work and the benefits are almost endless. They are an effective tool for muscle recovery. Like any other tool, you have to learn how to use it to be effective. You can view your foam roller choices at Prosource, and learn more about how to use them in the video at the bottom right corner.