mind-body exercises

4 ways to connect mind/body for better health.

mind-body connection

Exercises for the mind/body connection

Many people think of meditation as the main mind/body connection exercise. There are many other forms of exercise that help you connect your mind-body. Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonics are the three forms of mind-body exercises. Tai Chi is another form.  You can practice mindful breathing patterns, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Mind-body exercises are helpful in reducing stress, creating a sense of calm, decreasing chronic pain, and improving sleep patterns.

Pilates, Yoga. and Tai Chi are considered mind/body exercises, because the focus is on breathing and meditation. These exercises work at calming the body, thus reducing blood pressure, stress levels, and improving all over mood. It is fitness for your mind.

Benefits of mind/body connection exercises

  • #1 Reduced blood pressure
  • #2 Reduced heart rates
  • #3 Reduced stress levels
  • #4 Increased dopamine levels ( feel good brain chemical )
  • #5 Improve moods and feeling of well being

Mind/body connection methods

Yoga exercise

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility. Some types of yoga exercises is about relaxation, in others you move more. They usually include attention to breathing. Some forms of Yoga are for more flexibility, strength, and better posture. Yoga involves in paying attention to your breathing, which can help you to relax. It may call for specific breathing techniques.

Pilates exercise

2. Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body workout that targets your core muscles with every exercise. Whether your’e doing exercises that targets other muscle groups, your core is always engaging during a Pilates session. The workout method strengthens all different areas of your core. It will work the abdominal area on both a deep and superficial level to achieve true core strength.

3. Gyrotonics

Gyrotonics is a complete system of exercising. It articulates your joints, improves the flow of energy through the body, stimulates acupuncture points, builds stamina and strength, improves health. Connecting with your body and getting the breathing right is crucial to getting the most out of Gyrotonic. You have to switch off and leave the pressures of life outside.

4. Listening to audio books and reading books

Listening to mind-body audio books and reading books, help to heal the mind-body. When we read or listen to an audio book, not only are we improving memory and empathy. Research has shown that it makes us feel better and positive too, while relaxing us. Science has shown that reading has some amazing health benefits, including helping with depression, cutting stress, and reducing the chance of developing Alzhiemers later in life. If you are one of countless people who don’t make it a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out. 

Reading is an activity that can make you sharper, stronger,happier, and have a better relationship. Reading is also an exercise for the brain. Being immersed in a book can help reduce stress and improve sleep. Magical mind- Magical body audio book for mastering the mind-body is an awesome book sold on amazon.

20 Minute Guided Morning Meditation for Healing
Mind/body connection books and audio books on Amazon

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