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Vitamin sprays have a 90-95% absorption rate.

There are many ways of delivering vitamins into the human body. These include injections, pills, patches, and ready-to-drink formulas, but none of them do a better job than oral sprays. In fact, the body only absorbs 80% of injections, 10-15% of pills, 50% of patches, and 55% of ready-to-drink formulas. They’re not even close to the absorption level of oral Vitamin Sprays. 

Vitamin sprays have a higher absorption rate because they are specially designed to do so. They produce perfectly sized droplets that can be directly absorbed by the bloodstream, rather than the digestive system. Since the digestive system can be interrupted by the intake of other nutrients from food, having the body absorb vitamins through the bloodstream is definitely more effective.

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Vitamin Sprays are very convenient and safe

Vitamin sprays are more better than any of those mentioned above. It’s because they are more convenient. They come in small bottles which you can put in your pocket or purse. Additionally, vitamin sprays do not necessarily have to follow strict schedules of intake. Just imagine going off to work and you forgot to take your Vitamins. Suddenly, you remember that you have to take your vitamins. You reach into your purse or pocket to get your spray. One or two seconds of spraying, and you’re good to go.

Vitamin sprays are organic, non-GMO, and free from gluten & allergen. This means that vitamin sprays cannot cause any issues such as allergies. Therefore, they are generally safer than pills and capsules, which can cause allergic reactions, especially when its your first time taking them.

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Make that switch Today and enjoy all the benefits of Vitamin Sprays!

Vitamin sprays are clinically tested. They are a product of many studies and years of research done by experts. So, you can assure yourself that vitamin sprays will give you nothing but the best results.  Use Coupon Code : FREESHIPPING


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