mind-body exercises

4 ways to connect mind-body for better health.

Exercises for the mind-body connection Many people think of meditation as the main mind-body connection exercise. There are many other forms of exercise that help you connect your mind-body. Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonics are the three forms of mind-body exercises. Tai Chi is another form.  You can practice mindful breathing patterns, muscle relaxation, and guided Read More

Lose weight

Do a colon cleanse and lose weight while having a better functioning digestive track.

Does your colon need cleaning? Colon cleanse is something that people don’t generally talk about. Cleaning out the colon is sometimes necessary. We not only need it before a medical procedure or before a colonoscopy. Doing a colon cleanse will get rid of excess toxins from the foods we eat and from the lifestyles we Read More