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Do you have a favorite perfume, cologne, or body care products that you like? Some people feel that it is quite a frustrating task to choose fragrances that they like. You will find an inspiring fragrance that leaves a big trail behind you speaking loudly and saying all the right words.  Today fragrances can be found  all around the world, but you can find a fragrance that can be your signature scent, right here at Strawberrynet. Pick out a fragrance, personalize it and make it your  own. There are daily specials every day with up to 60% off. Don’t miss out on all the great deals.

Signature scents

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Fragrances are not all created  equal., just like we are not created equal. Each fragrance has it’s special scent and sub scent and is unique, just as every individual has different personalities. Every person has his or her desire and like when wanting body care and fragrances. You can create your own scent by mixing scents that go together well and call it your signature scent. You can  start by using a body wash followed by an after bath splash. Then apply body lotion and finally spray on your fragrance. Stay with the same product line or designer. Your  fragrances will have a longer lasting scent. Some people like to mix different product lines, but it is recommended to stick with the same product line for best results.

A fragrance tip to make your fragrances last longer

Know where to apply the scent. If you want to get the most out of your fragrances, apply it to the pulse points behind your ears, and at your wrists. Try applying a dab of petroleum jelly before your scent. You’ll be able to use less of the perfume, and the scent will last longer. Avoid rubbing the fragrance all over. Not only will you waste it, the smell will be overpowering.

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Do you want to look 10 years younger

While we like to think we actually get better with age, we totally understand that there might be some skin changes you want to address as the years pass. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when it is time to start incorporating anti-aging products into your routine. Click here to learn more about anti aging creams and find out the signs of aging.

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