Getting started with your own home gym equipment

Working out on your own isn’t for everyone, but would benefit those who are under a time crunch and are self motivated. If investing in home gym equipment has you actually working out on a regular basis, then it’s a better investment than spending monthly dues on a gym that you never attend. Starting your own home gym does not have to be expensive, and you can build it on your budget and it will be effective and give you great results.

A few items you may need

Kettle bells – There are numerous exercises that you can do with kettle bells. Basically, you can work different parts of your body with kettle bells. Always use good form and the right weight when using kettle bells, so you don’t get hurt.

Jump rope – Jumping rope is a good aerobic exercise that can really get you pumping. It can also help you burn calories and lose some of that unwanted pounds… The best way to lose weight and gain muscle is a combination of exercise and diet, so if you change your eating habits and jump rope everyday, you will definitely lose weight and shape your body.

Pull up bar  –  Pull up bars are one of the most effective strength-building exercises you could do. It is both an essential test of upper body strength and a top way to build back muscles. It is good to stay on form as you do pull ups, so you are getting the maximum workout and avoid injury. 

Plyo Box – Working out with plyo boxes have been more popular. It is designed well for cross fit training or HIIT workouts. Each box gives you  different heights. Wether you are doing box jumps, step ups, box squats, or negative jumps, it will do the job. 

Strength and toning products

Medicine Balls – Using medicine balls is an ancient and modern way of improving your fitness and muscular power. Medicine balls are proven to improve over all athletic abilities. With medicine ball exercises, you are able to enhance your force production through acceleration training.

Resistance bands Resistance bands are a great edition to any strength training routines. Exercise bands are in a range of resistance levels from highly stretchable to heavy duty strength. You will experience which band is best for you.

Home Gym Equipment  – Invest in your health with home fitness equipment. If you are a fitness enthusiast and you have no time to go to the gym, you still can get workouts done if you own a personal set of multi gym equipment. Having your own gym equipment is an investment and saves you money in the long run.

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4 advantages of having a home gym

  •  Save money – It may seem like a bigger expense upon starting up if you compare it to your membership. In the long run your gym will pay for itself.
  • Save time – Think about it, you have to drive to the gym. Many times you have to wait for machines to be available and you have many distractions during your workout. In today’s society time is precious.
  • Privacy – Maybe you don’t go to a gym because of concerns of working out in front of people. You  may also be embarrassed of your body because you are just starting out. Having your own gym gives you the privacy you need to get in shape. If you feel the gym is too competitive or don’t like the atmosphere, then escape by working out in the comfort of your own home.
  • Control environment – You can control the music if you need inspirational music to get you motivated. You control everything, making your workouts more enjoyable and satisfying while in turn you will get better results.

There are numerous advantages of having your own gym. In reality you have created your own personal space and you can be in your comfort zone. It can’t get better than that. Click on the banner below to view more gym products and more.

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