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How to increase agility and sports performance

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Exercises to increase agility & Sports performance

When you do the same workouts over and over, they sometimes feel like they fall flat. You don’t want to give them up because they’re something you enjoy, but how can you take them up to another level?

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Below you’ll find a few ways you can increase agility and performance with some affordable fitness products to enhance your workouts and get more from them so that you don’t have to change or modify your favorite routines while getting more speed, muscle tone, and strength.

How to up your running game

If the same distance or even increases are not cutting it and you still need your release, no sweat,,, well lots of it is actuality. There are two simple ways you can help to increase the impact of your current mileage and help to get that extra something from your run.

ankle weights

1. Using ankle weights

If you seek to add challenge to your workouts, just a pair of ankle weights can deliver the benefits you want. You can incorporate ankle weights into numerous exercises in your routine. Click on the picture to see ankle weights.

exercise gloves

2. Using weighted gloves for upper body workout

Fitness weighted gloves are used to increase the intensity of cardiovascular workouts and to improve muscle tone. Click on the picture to view weighted gloves.

Agility and stamina can plateau, but when you find a routine that you love, it is hard to break from it. That’s why you have an assortment of products which not only help to increase the level of your workouts, but make it difficult like when you first started. Start by upping your current gear by choosing higher hurdles or agility ladders with extra rigs. Next add in some weighted products that work with your routine without impairing your ability to perform the exercises safely. You can tie in over head swings and moves upon reaching the end of your workouts with kettle bells.

agility and performance
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If you want to increase resistance and get a better workout, you can use bands and rings. Using these products will take your workouts to another level doing the same exercises. ‘That is amazing”.

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Contact a licensed medical professional before engaging in any physical activities or increasing your workout.

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