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Wi Fi Optimization

How to optimize your wi fi performance with a wi fi extender.

Can we live without internet service?

Having internet service in today’s world is not a choice, it’s a must for most of us. No matter what you do, you need the internet in some way.  

Whether it is for connecting with people on social media, downloading files, uploading or downloading photos, or simply streaming a video on a fire stick.

We depend on the internet for so many things. Especially if you have younger ones that need to do home work or stream games on line.

At one time or another , we all experienced problems with our wi fi performance. You will definitely know when your wi fi performance is affected and you need to optimize your wi fi.

You will notice that your lap top is taking longer to connect to the internet, or when your streaming devices are buffering more often. It is such a bad experience to be watching an interesting movie and have to watch a buffering screen.



Where should I start to diagnose my wi fi fix

Technically, I would start with checking the wi fi settings on my device that I’m using. For cell phones, tablets, and lap tops. you should go to the wi fi settings and make sure that you are connected to the  internet. 

Just in case that you are not connected, you need to go to internet or wi fi settings and enter the wi fi code that is on the back of the wi fi router. 

Once you are connected, try to see if your problem is fixed. If not, try and clear the cache or history on your device and restart it.

Next, I would try to unplug the power for the router for 30 seconds and plug it in. Give it a chance to reboot or load up and check to see if the internet is working better. 

wi fi router

I would move the position of the router or antennas if you have them on your router. Moving the router from enclosed places or away from structures that may block the signal may give you better performance. 

If you are still having issues, I would call the internet service provider (ISP) to find out the internet speed that you are paying for. 

Some people can live with slower internet speeds if they don’t have multiple users. Others need high speed internet, which cost slightly higher, but meets their needs.

You can choose if you need low speed or high speed internet depending on , the size of your home, number of devices being used at the same time (multiple users), and how often you use the internet.

Measuring your internet speed

Sometimes it is a good idea to measure your internet speed to make sure that you are getting what your internet provider suppose to give you on your plan.

Check your internet speed @ http://speedcheck.org scroll the page up and hit the start button and check your internet speed. You will get 3 measurements

  • Down load time -The time it takes to pull data (measured in Mbs)

  • Up load time – The time it takes to send data (measured in Mbs)

  • Ping – The time it takes between sending a request and receiving a response. also referred as Latency ( measured in (Ms) milliseconds)

These are the speeds you need for most common activities

  • 1 – 5 mbs for checking emails and browsing the web

  • 15 – 25 mbs for streaming HD videos

  • 40 – 100 mbs for streaming 4k video and playing online games

  • 200 + mbs for streaming 4k, video, playing online games, and down loading large files  

according to the FCC, the average household needs a minimum of 25 mbs to perform basic functions like, checking emails and browsing the web, that is with one user.

Having a strong wi fi signal strength is important. You want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your wireless network.

There are 3 solutions for enhancing your wi fi  throughout your home.

  • Changing your wi fi channel

  • Moving your router to a different spot in your home.

  • Buying a wi fi booster, wi fi repeater, or wi fi Extender


A wi fi extender is a device that extends your wi fi coverage signals. These differences are important when choosing the right device for your wi fi needs.

How does a wi fi booster work

A wi fi booster is a device that gets signal from your existing wireless network and sends it to another area of your home where it is placed, it is a wi fi signal booster.

Placing the wi fi booster closer to the devices will give you more coverage to keep a strong wi fi signal.

How does a wi fi repeater work

Wi fi repeaters work similar to how your connected devices work. A Wi fi repeater connects wirelessly to your network

 It receives a wireless signal from your router and repeats that signal to a new area, extending the wi fi coverage. You can plug the wi fi repeater  half way between the router and your device.

A wi fi repeater connects to the router and your device at the same time. Since it connects to the router and device at the same time. It is a little less efficient than an extender.

How does a wi fi extender work

Wi fi extenders connect physically to your network via a wired connection, but some are wireless. a wi fi extender receives a signal to convert it to a strong wireless signal to transmit it to another area of your home.

It acts like another router, which means that they can operate on a different frequency  from your existing router. This creates less interference and can even enable your devices to operate on different bands increasing performance.

Which booster is best for you ?

Now you know how these devices work. Look at these factors and decide which one would be best for you.

  • Do you experience dead zones in your home

  • Areyou looking to extend your wi fi outside

  • Does some areas of your home have signal, but others don’t

  • Do you have a large home with multiple floors

  • Are you looking for faster speeds in general

Before you do anything, check with your (ISP) and see what speed you are paying for and to check for problems on their end.

If the service plans don’t meet your budget , then investing in a wi fi booster or wi fi extender is a good choice for you to optimize your wi fi.

Identifying the problem with your wireless network could inform you which type of booster you may need.

Make sure that you are using quality wires for best performance and the connections are tight.

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