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How I felt before taking body supplements

I have been going to the gym for over a year now and have not been taking body supplements. I probably went 2 or 3 times a week and was not committed to my workouts. I would work out for about an hour each session. I had no clue of what muscles I was working, all I know is that I would be so sore the next day and didn’t want to go back. Everyone says no pain no gain and I understood, but I wished there was another way. I continued to go every week on the same schedule and seemed to be getting no where. I decided to get a personal trainer to guide me and teach me how to get fit the proper way.

The first question my trainer asked me was,” what are your fitness goals?” I had no idea what he meant and then he explained that you have to set a fitness goal or a plan on what you want to achieve whether it is to lose weight or gain weight or etc. I told him my goals and he created a workout routine to target specific muscles to work on. I been going to the gym now for 1 year and a half without using supplements and did not see much results and was always tired and sore.

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How I feel now that I'm taking body supplements.

I decided to change my diet, eat healthy, be dedicated to my workouts, be consistent and use body supplements and vitamins to help me out on my workout journey. I started to take vitamins, cause I would wake up tired in the morning. I would eat foods with protein and drink a whey protein shake and take pre – workout supplements. After my workouts, I would replenish my body with protein and other healthy foods. I felt better after I started taking supplements, because I was no longer sore in the morning. The pre- workout supplements really work for soreness. 

I was more focused on my workouts and for the first time, I felt that I was getting some where with my goal. My routines went smoother, my energy level was up,I had more strength, endurance, and I wanted to go to the gym. I am going 5 days a week now, and rest on the weekend for muscle recovery. I did noticed that I sleep a lot longer, but that is o.k. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. I have made great progress on my goal and will continue optimizing my body with the help of body supplements.

Stay motivated throughout your workouts with body supplements

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