new and improved health and wellness weight loss sprays and more

E- Cell spray – A quick and easy spray for cellular energy                                                                    Peak – an effective performance enhancing spray to put you over the top.                                  Shield – A protective spray to support your body’s immune system.                                            Sleep – A relaxing spray when you need peaceful rest                                                                   Trim 365 – The advanced weight loss formula to help you nail your targets.                                   Ultra CZ – A simple immune support spray for your health and wellness.                                          Boost – A simple pick me up spray to get you thru the day.                                                              Brain – brain spray is an easy way to support an active, alert  focused state of mind.                    Core  Keto – A powerful spray for diet and exercise .                                                                              Passion – A simple spray to support libido function                                                                                Beauty plus -A powerful spray for hair, skin and nails



Effortless Daily Wellness in a Simple Daily Spray

Newly formulated Daily Sprays are delivering more potent effects and more targeted results than ever. Thanks to a genius little micronized delivery system, Daily Sprays are the go-to vitamin spray to help your body get what it needs throughout the day.

With proven natural ingredients and extensive 3rd party testing to ensure quality and safety, Daily Sprays are the pocket-sized way to live each day in health and confidence.