Protective Face Masks for Covid 19

Choose your selection of fashion and protective masks for Covid 19. Most of these face masks are washable and reuseable. There are many styles to choose from, depending on your needs. Stay safe and protect yourself from the spread of Covid 19.


This contagious respiratory illiness called Covid 19 is continuing to spread around the world. Alone, we can’t stop it, but together we can conquer it. Lives are lost everyday and it is a tragedy. Many nurses and other health care workers are on the front line putting themselves at risk. It is real, and it is spreading fast. Everyone is affected by Covid 19 in some way, because people are not takig it serious, until they see see a loved one or friend get infected by this virus. Our job is to do our part to stop the spread. We need to use hand sanitizers, wash our hands regularly and sanitize our living spaces and wear our masks.. We also need to stay home as much as possible to stay away from the infected people. Especially those who are not protecting or quaranteening themselves. This virus is highly transmissible and can spread from person to person.


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