Can you exercise and smoke?

When you smoke, you harm your ability to exercise. Smoking hurts you athletic performance. The nicotine and carbon monoxide from smoking may make your blood “sticky” and your arteries may become narrow. Narrow arteries reduce the flow of blood to your heart, muscles, and other body organs, making exercise harder. During exercise, blood flow helps boost oxygen supply to your muscles. When your muscles don’t get oxygen fast enough, your body can’t work as well as it should. 

If you want to quit smoking, you have to get past the cravings and overcome the psychological hooks.

If quitting smoking isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever tried to do, it surely ranks right up there. The nicotine in cigarettes is as addictive as it gets. Plus, throw in the psychological addiction — like lighting up when you’re nervous, having a drink with friends, or doing the Sunday crossword puzzle — and you’ve got one serious habit to break

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Some symptoms to expect after you quit smoking cigarettes

The urge to smoke –  Prepare for the inevitable urges to smoke that happen early on for all ex-smokers. You can successfully manage this intense (but temporary) phase of recovery from nicotine addiction.

sleep disturbances – From insomnia to feelings of lethargy that leave you wanting to spend the whole day in bed, quitting tobacco can throw your normal sleep pattern out of whack

Urge to snack – Perhaps one of the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal—the urge to eat—is due, in part, to chemical changes taking place in the body, along with a psychological need to replace the hand-to-mouth action of smoking.

Junkie thinking – Junkie thinking is that inner voice that tells us it’s alright to smoke just one cigarette or just for tonight. While it is difficult to manage, junkie thinking is a phase that will pass with time, as long as you don’t smoke.

 new cough – It can be alarming to develop a cough after you quit smoking, but it is not uncommon.

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes and is why it can be so hard to quit smoking when you’re ready. It affects the mind and the body, so expect to feel withdrawal both physically and emotionally.

Does your lung clear after quitting smoking?

Your lungs will eventually heal as you continue to stay smoke-free. Time is the biggest factor when it comes to lung repair after quitting smoking. Just 12 hours after your last cigarette your carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal. This helps your body to get the oxygen it needs for all cellular functions. A critical aspect of lung health is healthy cilia. Cilia are tiny hairlike organelles that are found all throughout your body. Cilia in the lungs have the honorable duty of sweeping out debris, mucus, and other pollutants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Easy way to stop smoking

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Talking to someone about quitting smoking can be the support you might need to see it through. Consider talking to an expert for help.  

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