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The fitness trackers for your life style

We all know that there are a number of fitness trackers on the market. It can be overwhelming to choose the one that is right for you. To make it easier, we chose a couple of fitness trackers that may be compatible with your lifestyle. Some fitness trackers have more features than others and can be used everyday. Let’s start off with introducing you with the Fit bit Ionic.

The Fit bit Ionic

If you don’t know, the Fit bit Ionic is made by Fit bit. The Fit bit Ionic has a great design, like a sports watch. Fit bit Ionic comes in several colors to choose. It has inter changeable bands made by Fit bit, but can be found on Amazon. The screen is made with a glass that is scratch resistant. This watch is the bread and butter of Fit bit. If you are looking for the all around smart watch for price and performance, Fit bit Ionic takes the prize. Below are some features of this amazing watch.



  • Personal Coaching
  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart Rate
  • Water-Resistant



  • Popular Apps
  •  Wallet-free Payments
  •  Notifications & Quick Replies*
  •  Multi-Day Battery


  • Sleep Stages
  •  Resting Heart Rate
  •  Cardio Fitness Level
  •  Health Tracking


  • Stores & Plays Music
  • Pandora Stations & Deezer Playlists†
  • Works with 
    Bluetooth Headphones


What makes this watch so special is, because you have all these features in one watch. This watch would be the perfect smart watch for a person who is dedicated to their fitness goals. Also for the person that can enjoy all the features this watch provides to help on their workout journey.

Apple watch series 3

The apple watch series 3 is a great upgrade from the apple series 1 and 2. This phone has better performance, more memory and more storage. You can complete and track all your tasks throughout the day. Gps and cellular versions are available. The thing about this apple watch, is that you will need to connect to an apple phone or device. It will not pair with any other phones, but apple. 

smart watch

The apple watch series 3 watch Has built in cellular that allows you to make calls, receive calls, texts and more without having your phone near by. Some other features are: fitness coaching, built in speaker, listen to music, built in Gps, 70% faster dual core processor and a new wireless chip. The dual core processor and new wireless chip allows the watch to be faster and have better performance.

Some reasons why people like the apple series 3 watch

Many people like the apple watch series 3 because you can leave your phone at home and use your watch. The watch does most of the functions that your phone does. You don’t need to have both at the same time, especially if you are at the gym. This model has a longer battery life than the last series. The apple pay cash is also a good feature. Streaming apple music on your apple ear pods is awesome, and it connects wirelessly. Another great feature is that it is water resistant and can get wet. In general, the apple watch series 3 has all the features that you would expect a smart watch to have.

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