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Weight loss tips on why you are not losing weight

You are probably going to the gym regularly and look forward to your work outs. In the beginning, you start to see results, but now you hit a road block. You’ve tried all kinds of different things to continue losing weight, but it is not working.

Losing weight is not always as easy as it seems. Just like anything else, you have to put the work into it. You get what you put into it. There are a lot of other things that you have to do to lose weight. Besides exercising and eating healthy, you will have to do some other work. 

The good news is that it can be done, you can do it. In this post, we will show you some tips on why you are not losing weight. Follow some of these tips below, if you are experiencing some of these problems.

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15 Common reasons why you are not losing weight

1. Not keeping track of what you’re eating

Without following a particular diet or weight loss app, it is hard to keep track of what you are eating. This leads to gaining weight instead of losing weight. A Fitness and workout journal will help you track your workouts and calorie intake. You will reach your goals faster. If you are looking for a free calorie counter app, Nutritionix is a great app., you can login everything in 60 seconds. 

Keeping track of what you eat and drink everyday can help you discover healthy eating patterns and habits. Monitoring what you eat may be a little more work, but you will see your progress.

2. Eating too many calories

How many calories should we eat per day? An average women needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and 1500 calories to lose one pound per week. An average man needs to eat 2500 calories per day to maintain his weight, and 2000 calories per day to lose one pound per week. 

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, counting your calorie intake is very important to reach your goals.Try to avoid fast foods and high calorie foods, so you wont go over your calorie intake goal. 

Fitness and Health calculators help you in planning your diet and fitness regime, so try out this free fitness calculator ( https://www.calculator.net/fitness-and-health-calculator.html) to help you plan your fitness regime, and find out your body mass index, calorie counter and more.

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3. Not eating enough protein

Generally, you should be getting a minimum of 10% of your daily calories from protein. Protein deficiency is when people do not get adequate amounts of protein from their diet. They say that protein is one of the building blocks of life. It is a macronutrient that makes up the major component of all our cells and provides the essential amino acids that keep our bodies up and running. 

There are all types of protein powders . Some examples are Whey protein, casein protein, egg protein, pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, and mixed plant protein. Protein can help promote healthy weight and help recover after a good workout. check out some more protein supplements @ A1 Supplements, America’s favorite supplement store. 

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4. Not eating whole foods

When you don’t eat enough whole foods, your metabolism may slow down and you may feel tired. You may also feel an urge to binge eating, especially on sugar foods. Whole foods are plants that are unprocessed and refined before consuming.Not all processed foods are a bad choice. What makes some processed foods less healthy is the ingredients like salt and sugar that is added to make the taste more appealing. Processed foods ruin your weight loss success. Reading nutrition labels can help you choose between processed products and keep a check on fat and sugar content.

Some examples of whole foods are grains, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables.Nutritional researches show that a balanced diet of whole foods brings health benefits. Eating whole foods is a great way to get fruits and vegetables into your diet. 

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5. Not lifting weights

Most people think you have to spend hours on the treadmill to lose weight, but research is showing that strength training is the way to go. Training at a low intensity for longer periods of time is the way to lose weight. Burning fat is about using energy and the most efficient way is to use strength training.

Strength training can be done twice a week, because you need time to recover. If you don’t have weights, you can easily install a pull up bar. Pull ups are easy to start with, even if you are just hanging there. Eventually you will do a half a pull up, then a full pull up and so on.

6. You’re binge eating

There is a such thing as binge eating disorder (BED). It is one of the most common eating disorder in the U.S.and can be difficult to address. Some ways to stop binge eating is to avoid skipping meals, Drink plenty of water, Eat more fiber, eat breakfast everyday, get enough sleep, increase protein intake, and plan out your meals.

Mindful eating is the way to go. Mindful eating is a technique that helps you gain control over your eating habits. This practice encourages proper digestion and can aid in nutrient absorption, promote ideal body weight and help you develop a healthy relationship with food.

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7. Drinking sugary beverages

Drinking sugary beverages can increase the risk of gaining weight. You can also increase your  risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and gout. Sugar drastically increases belly fat accumulation. Belly fat can be very stubborn to lose and can affect your weight loss. Sugary beverages add nothing to your diet , but added sugar and unnecessary calories.

Water is the best choice to drink, although it has no nutrients in it. Drink drinks that have less sugar and calories. It is so easy to forget that we take in energy through drinks as well as food. There are good sugars and bad sugars for you. Just don’t eat or drink too much of a good thing.

8. Not doing cardio

Weight loss occurs when you create a calorie deficit, burning more calories than you eat. I always had the image that prolonged sprints on the treadmill and multiple rounds on the elliptical machines meant that you sweat and get a good workout. This was true when it came down to my weight loss journey. Dancing your way to good health is also great for burning calories , while you lose weight and get fit.

cardiovascular exercises has been long been considered the cornerstone of exercise programs with the goals of weight fat loss and general health. Doing cardiovascular activity alone can increase your risk of injury and cause you to lose muscle. Cardio still stands as an effective way to burn off calories, but if a lean body is what you’re after, you’ll need to include some resistance training.

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9. Not sleeping well

The average person needs 8 hours of good quality sleep to function properly. Some people need more and some need less. If you wake up tired and spend the day hoping to get a nap, chance are that you didn’t get a good sleep. A variety of factors can cause poor sleep, including health conditions. In most cases, it’s due to bad sleeping habits.

lack of sleep affects you in a lot of areas of your life. You experience fatigue, short temper, lack of focus, feeling irritable, loss of performance in the gym and more. Your risk of injury and accidents at home, work or on the road increases. Working on a good sleeping pattern will help you in all areas of your life. It’s a good feeling to wake up refreshed and ready to go.

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10. Not cutting back on carbohydrates

The two main forms of carbohydrates are sugars and starches.They are a primary source of food that your body uses for energy. Bread, pasta, beans, rice, and cereals are carbohydrate – rich foods. These are usually the foods that we think about cutting down on, when we need to cut back on carbohydrates. When you give up carbohydrates, you start to burn fat. 

Reducing your intake of calorie – dense carbs automatically reduces the amount of calories you’re consuming on a daily basis, which forces your body to burn more fat around the midsection for energy. When you give up carbs, your muscles get stronger and your belly gets flatter. 

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11. Eating too often

Eating too often, usually ends up in overeating. It takes the brain 20 minutes to let your stomach know that you are full. Over eating is when you continue beyond this point. Some diets tell you to eat every 3 to 4 hours in small portions and other diets tell you to fast. It can be confusing, I guess it depends in which diet your doing.

Timing will vary from person to person, but there are various reasons why it’s a good idea to eat something every 3 to 4 hours. Eating regularly throughout the day prevents dips in your energy, keeps you alert and focused, and helps prevent eating past the point of fullness.

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12. Not drinking water

Drinking plenty of water everyday is always good for the body in many ways. First of all you need to drink plenty of water not to dehydrate. When you work out and sweat, you are releasing water through sweating. You need to replenish your body by drinking more water. Drinking water boosts skin health and beauty.

Our digestive system depends on water. The bowels need water to work properly. The kidneys regulate body fluid. Insufficient water in the body can lead to kidney stones. Another benefit is, consuming more water might enhance performance during strenuous activity. Over all Drinking plenty of water a day is good for you and will keep you from over eating.

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13. Drinking too much alcohol

When you drink too much alcohol, you not only put yourself at risk for many health problems. You also create an addiction for yourself that will impact many areas of your life not only your health. As far as going to the gym, your performance will be hindered. You will experience lack of motivation, energy, and your performance will suck.

Lifestyle changes will be needed if you want a healthy body and to be able to continue on your fitness journey. You don’t need to stop drinking, but may need to cut down. Drinking usually causes belly fat also that is hard to get rid of. Another thing is that your commitment to exercising and eating healthy is thrown out of wack along with your consistency. It is an overall losing battle.

tips to reduce drinking

14. Addicted to junk food

The most problematic foods are junk foods. We tend to get hooked on junk foods cause they taste so good and make us feel good. Although those foods are usually loaded with sugar, which is bad for us because they have a lot of calories. Junk food is our downfall. Especially during the holidays or  parties. 

Staying away from junk foods is hard, but there are some things that you can do. Some examples are, Drink water, eat more protein, distance yourself from the craving, avoid getting extremely hungry, and eat proper meals. Craving unhealthy foods is common especially if you are on a diet.

15. Your expectations are unrealistic

When setting weight loss goals, be realistic and set a goal that can be reached, Don’t set a goal that is too easy and don’t set a goal that can’t be reached. When unrealistic goals are set, it not only leaves you stressed, but makes you lose your confidence and your diet will fail. 

Start with a simple goal and when you reach it, go on to the next level and set another goal slightly harder and continue to reach your goals at your own pace. Put in the hard work and push yourself to get a good workout. The end results will be rewarding. Before you know it you will be working out at a higher level of fitness and be conquering goals with no problem.


Dieting is a long term solution. If you wish to lose weight and keep it off, you may need to adapt healthier lifestyle habits.

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