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What are personal trainers and are they effective?

A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in prescription and instruction. Some people call them gym instructors, fitness trainers, personal trainers, fitness coaches, and exercise instructors. That is why many people get confused with all the job titles. A good personal trainer that cares about your goals as well as their goals, is an effective trainer.

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Why should you have a personal trainer?

There are so many benefits of having personal trainers. When we first started going to the gym, most of us didn’t know about fitness goals. Your trainer is your fitness coach. They create a workout plan designed for you to reach your goal. The trainers teach you how to exercise safely with proper form. 

You learn how to optimize your workout time and get your maximized performance. Trainers will push you beyond your comfort zone, and keep you motivated for better results. You will improve flexibility with assisted stretching. Everyone benefits from a personal trainer.

Benefits of a personal trainer

  • Reduced injury
  • Long term guidance and motivation
  • Variety and creativity
  • Learn life long skills
  • Learn effective and efficient techniques
  • Set the stage for a healthier future

Things you should do before getting personal trainers

Changing your diet and eating healthy is the first step. The importance of eating the right foods is important and should be the first goal to look at before planning to exercise. Get healthy from the inside out.

Stress levels and quality of sleep all have an impact on your body. If they are not managed, it would do more harm to your body to have a personal trainer.

My Trainer Workout Plan Books

There are 3 recommended amazing my trainer workout plan books sold on amazon with 5 stars. It is a proven workout system to help you achieve personal trainer results on your own for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

All workouts are completely adaptable to personalize to your fitness level and your gym. Book 1 is for a beginner, Book 2 is for intermediate, and Book 3 is for advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Hiring a personal trainer could be expensive. They charge between $60-$80 per session or more. Some people can’t afford to have a personal trainer. Having the My Trainer Workout Plan books would be a good investment.

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