Choosing The Best Website Hosting Provider

Hi, My name is AL and I’ve been using Kinsta as my website hosting provider for about 3 years now. I’m very satisfied that I made the switch. At first, I was skeptical about making the change. I had service with another website hosting provider and always had problems.

My website used to freeze when I had too much content and pictures on it, I didn’t have enough disc space. It was a very frustrating experience. I searched for hosting Companies that would suit my needs. Finally, I came across this Company Kinsta.

My experience with Kinsta is amazing! I now have more disc space than I need. I have a small business, but as my Company grows, I will change my plan. Right now I have the starter plan with up to 25,000 visitors per month.

One thing that you will experience is that your website speed and performance will increase up to 200% faster. Slow websites don’t rank in Google and you will lose customers. Check out the speed of my website as a reference :

boost site speed

Migrating my old website to kinsta was made easy for me. They made the switch for free with my plan, and gave me a free SSL certificate. My website has been running great ever since the switch. Migrating your site over to Kinsta is easy.

What I like about my website hosting provider, is that they always have a back up for your site, if it fails. They will restore it back to how it was. They also have live chat 24l7 if you need help. The service is outstanding!

All their support help are expert developers with so much knowledge. They always solved my problems. They hire the best help. I’m always impressed.

Kinsta Hosts Apps, Databases, and WordPress sites all in one place. It has Google Cloud platform with the best premium Tier Network and C2 machines.

Also has 35 data centers all around the country, Free wordpress migrations, and Expert 24 / 7 live Support.

If you have a slow website, a small or big business , a Company or if you are a developer and need an excellent website hosting provider or service, Try Kinsta and you will be very satisfied like me. Learn more about which plan is best for you here.

Experience the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

You Deserve To Have The Best Website Hosting Services

For any Company that is serious about it’s internet presence, we would recommend working with Kinsta. There is nothing like having time to grow your business and the peace of mind that your hosting is in good hands. Kinsta has you covered with the Google Cloud platform.

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