Step into a world of enchantment where fragrances are more than just scents; they’re invitations to unforgettable journeys. Welcome to our Perfume and Cologne Collection, a treasure trove of scents that speak to the heart and soul. Whether you’re a seasoned fragrance enthusiast or just beginning your aromatic adventure, our collection promises an experience beyond the ordinary.

Picture this: each bottle in our collection is a tiny universe, a blend of carefully chosen notes that weave stories of joy, passion, and elegance. From the vibrant burst of citrus to the warm embrace of vanilla, our scents are crafted to resonate with the diverse tapestry of human emotions. We believe that choosing a fragrance is a personal affair, an expression of your unique identity. That’s why our collection is as diverse as you are, offering a spectrum of scents to suit every mood and occasion.

Curious about our latest arrivals? Dive into a world of discovery as we unveil the newest additions to our lineup. These scents aren’t just fragrances; they’re companions on your journey, ready to accompany you through life’s highs and lows. Whether you’re seeking a daily signature scent or a special fragrance for a significant moment, our collection has something that will resonate with you.

Immerse yourself in the essence of our carefully curated collection

Quality is at the heart of what we do. Each bottle represents a commitment to excellence, from the sourcing of the finest ingredients to the artful blending that creates a harmonious symphony of notes. We believe that fragrance should be an experience, and our collection reflects the passion and dedication we pour into every drop. Expect nothing less than the best when you explore our Perfume and Cologne Collection.

Our signature perfumes are a celebration of sophistication and style. They’re not just scents; they’re statements that linger in the air and leave a lasting impression. Imagine wearing a fragrance that captures the essence of who you are—a scent that becomes an integral part of your identity. That’s what our collection aims to offer—a range of perfumes that transcend the ordinary and become an extension of you.

Embark on a sensory adventure as you explore our perfume and cologne showcase. Each bottle tells a story, and we invite you to be the protagonist. From the intoxicating allure of floral bouquets to the grounding notes of earthy musk, our collection spans the spectrum of scents, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every personality.

What Perfume and Cologne offer you

We understand that perfume is more than a beauty accessory; it’s a mood lifter, a confidence booster, and a source of comfort. Our colognes are designed to be your trusty companions, accompanying you through your daily adventures with a touch of sophistication. With our Perfume and Cologne Collection, you’re not just buying a fragrance; you’re investing in moments, memories, and a sensory journey that lingers in the heart and mind.

In every spritz, discover the promise of a scented escape. Our Perfume and Cologne Collection isn’t just about smelling good; it’s about feeling good. It’s about finding a scent that resonates with your essence and becomes a part of your story. So, come, explore, and let the magic of fragrance elevate your everyday momen


How To Buy the Best Fragrances That Is Right For You

Buying Perfume can be a very hard decision, especially when you are buying perfume for your friend or lover. Different people will have different choices of perfume, also each fragrance will produce different scents on various skin types. Therefore, when buying perfume you need to do some  research and try it out before you make the final decision.

There are hundreds of fragrance brands of perfume and thousands of scents available in the market nowadays. If you never bought any perfume before and not sure which perfume will be right for you or your friend, you should check out the Perfume Review website online or ask your friend to see which perfume is popular that most people use. 

Types of Perfume

There are 4 main different types of perfume. Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum and Parfum. They are ranging from the least concentrate to the most concentrate and therefore the difference in price.

  • Eau de Cologne (EDC) is the term used today to refer to a perfume solution with around a 3% compound in an oil and water base. It’s the lightest of perfumes and, therefore the least expensive.
  •  Eau de Toilette (EDT) – is a perfume solution with a 3-8% compound in an oil and water base. It is a bit more expensive.
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a perfume solution with a 10-15% compound.
  • Parfum is the highest concentration of oils, with 20-50% compound, which makes it last longer than others and the most expensive.

Size of Perfume

Perfume are packed in different sizes. In Europe and USA, perfume usually measures by Oz, in Australia or other countries we measure by ml. 1Oz is equivalent to 30ml (1Oz ~30ml). The most common size usually is 50ml, 75ml or 100ml. If you are buying the fragrance for the first time, you should buy the small bottle to try it out first. If you already wore that fragrance before and you really like it, then go ahead and purchase the big bottle because they are usually the best value for your money.

There are some small samples called vial on card or vial mini as well, those bottles are usually for trial. It is a good idea for you to get those trial vials first to test it out before you go ahead and buy a big bottle.

Where to Buy the Best Fragrances at a Discount Price

Now you already know which fragrance brands, type and size of the perfume you like and best fit for you. It is time to shop around for the best price available. Nowadays, Perfume Online Stores usually sell perfume at a better price than most department stores or retail outlets. They don’t have to employ a lot of staff or pay rent. Perfume Online Stores can also carry a lot more varieties of brands as well as some hard to find fragrances. You don’t have to go too far, Strawberrynet has an amazing inventory of the best fragrance brands at a discount price.

Buying the right Perfume can be a very hard decision. I am sure that you will find the best perfume for yourself.

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